ARCTUROS celebrated World Environment Day with people of all ages

Our volunteers went to parks, schools and beaches for the World Environment Day. ARCTUROS participated in many events inAthensandThessalonikiraising public awareness, entertaining children and baking delicious nut bars with ingredients that are part of a bear’s diet!

The events we participated are the following:

Events organized by theMunicipalityofThessaloniki: We visited several schools in which our volunteers informed the students about the importance of wildlife and made beautiful and colorful flowers using recyclable materials.

Green Party: We played educational games and carried out workshops for children for handicrafts. ARCTUROS also carried out innovative workshops with little children about the animals that live in the forest.

1st Environmental Week in theMunicipality ofOropos: ARCTUROS provided environmental education programs in several schools of the Municipality helping to raise awareness about the need to protect the environment and wild life.

TritsisPark: We provided environmental education programs from May 30th till June 1st. The children that participated in the team games had the chance to identify themselves with bears and live the experience of living in a forest.

Gastronomy Festival: On 9 and 10 June we took part in the Gastronomy Festival for children. Our educational team got some help from the young… chefs and taught them how to bake nut bars with ingredients contained in a brown bear’s diet like fruits, nuts and honey!

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