Volunteering programs for families!

During July and August ARCTUROS will be carrying out family volunteering programs. Any family that wishes to visit our facilities can take part in the program titled “ARTHUROS”. In order to be eligible for the program the children must be at least 8 years old. Each family can stay up 3-7 days.

Every work starts at 9.00 and finishes at 17.00 depending on the needs and the daily schedule.

The rest of the day is free so that you can enjoy the nature of the region and taste local dishes.

ARCTUROS is providing accommodation at the house of volunteers as well as transportartion to our facilities. The volunteers are taking part in a variety of works, such as:

– Participation in the educational workshop «ARCTURAKIA» that takes place in Nikio School of Nymfeo.
– Guiding and visitors’ reception at our Sanctuaries
– Feeding the animals in the Sanctuaries and taking care of the facilities
– Repairing the walks in Nymfeon
– Construction works
– Act as salesmen/saleswomen in our shop at the Sanctuary

The family will work together. Children’s task are selected according to their interests and skills.

For more information please contact Maria Tsitinidou, (+30 2310 555920, mtsitinidou@arcturos.gr).

Hurry up!

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